Charities and Social Enterprises

If you are part of a charity or social enterprise we may be able to help you grow. If you have an asset* which you are developing for wider social impact, Parity Trust may also be able to assist.pound sign

If you are part of a charity or social enterprise already managing a project or delivering a service and require investment, or have received some form of grant but require further funds, please get in touch as we may be able to help.

Currently provided by Parity Trust:

* Lending. Asset backed or other projects considered, including working capital, asset purchase or start-up finance.

* Project consultancy. General advice and project consultancy including advice on proposed legal structure**.

* Business planning. Advice, guidance and writing your organisations business plan where lending from Parity Trust is not required.

* Fundraising. Advice and guidance on the appropriate fundraising strategy to be pursued. This could include making submissions to organisations providing funding for intermediary organisations such as Parity Trust and include grant, loan or equity fund options.

* Managing Community Share Offers. Parity Trust can manage your organisations Community Share Offer. This service could include drafting the Offer document, liaising with your chosen solicitor for the verification process, managing the production of documents, handling the application process and receipt of funds and issuing Share certificates.

If you would like to find out how we may be able to help support your business, send us an email with a brief about your plans or an outline of what you want to achieve and we will get in touch.

 Project updates:new opening sign jan 14

* We have been spending some time talking to the The Fox & Hounds (Denmead) Community Co-operative Limited about their desire to protect and restore a local pub - view the Fox & Hounds website here. A Community Share Offer was launched on 27th January 2014.

* Parity Trust provide support to New Theatre Royal - a six figure investment has recently been agreed, to allow the capital build of the theatre to continue, to view a full story about New Theatre Royal that was included in The News (Portsmouth), please use this link.

* Parity Trust supports development of Southsea Pier - see here for the full story

* We have already helped a Community Land Trust to provide eight affordable homes in Hampshire. For for more information you can watch the film here and we hope to be able to share news of other projects we are working with very soon!


 *assets can be buildings, equipment and vehicles.** please note that you should always seek legal and accountancy advice.

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